About Kimberly C. Rhyan


Kimberly C. Rhyan has been working in Higher Education since 2003 and received awards and honors in New York and Ohio for her innovative programming. She earned her B.A. in Fine Art from Mount Vernon Nazarene University and M.A. in Creative Arts Therapy from Hofstra University. She is a former foster youth and national advocate supporting foster youth to graduate from high school and post-secondary educational programs; she also serves as a board member of Ohio Reach. Ohio Reach improves post-secondary outcomes for foster care youth and alumni through leadership, empowerment, advocacy, research and networking (L.E.A.R.N.) She has been employed by the University of Cincinnati with the Higher Education mentoring Initiative (HEMI) since September 2017.

As an advocate and speaker, Kimberly Rhyan shares her inspirational story about being a former foster youth and becoming more than a statistic. Her personal story of reconciliation and resiliency focuses on moving from hurt to healing.  Kimberly isn’t just a former foster youth, she is a soul-inspired storyteller, entrepreneur, artist, mother, educator, coach & writer. She currently teaches and motivates her clients to step into their future through the process of storytelling and purposeful mapping. She challenges everyone to “Live your soul-inspired story.” Finally, she is currently writing her story and plans to publish her memoir in spring 2019!

Being an artist  continually helps Kimberly process life and progress as a human being. Her paintings have been exhibited in Ohio and New York. Ever since she was a young child, she has felt compelled to make art. Her biological mother was an artist and she would sit in awe and watch her stucco everything (literally, their entire house). She also has a hero, her elementary art teacher, who took Kimberly  under her wing and inspired her to use her gifts and never give up.
Since eighth grade, she has written in over 200 journals to track her journey and reflect over her life to make change for the future. Writing in journals was a private journey, until she began writing her experiences on blog in 2003. She considers herself a word arranger and translator of experiences; whether she’s writing something autobiographical or motivational, she seeks to empower and help others be more open to self-discovery.
Kimberly is trained in the Art of Hosting and seeks to empower emerging to advanced leaders fulfill their potential through the exploration of creativity, strategic planning, and idea mapping. Her degrees in Fine Art and Creative Arts Therapy provide her with a strong foundation to purposefully teach others how to utilize problem solving  and the arts to create solutions for life.
Ultimately, Kimberly C. Rhyan is a passionate artist and writer, but she is called to a greater mission to empower others through education, action, reflection and transformation; she is determined to support others (one person or organization at a time) to creatively and strategically plan steps to ensure successful completion of goals. Whether it is exhibiting her art work, serving as keynote speaker and/or facilitating a workshop, Kimberly C. Rhyan uses her experiences, passion, knowledge and skills to develop unique experiences to inspire  her audiences.
Please contact her at kimberly.c.rhyan@gmail.com to learn more about stepping into your future!

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