Hope Through Resiliency

More than 700,000 youth are affected by foster care each year. Kimberly C. Rhyan experienced foster care, trauma and survivorship. Kimberly shares her inspirational story and provides activities to guide others towards reflection & action.

Did you know only 3% of foster youth will graduate college? Kimberly’s personal story of resourcefulness, reflection,  resiliency and reconciliation focuses on moving from hurt to healing to inspire others to never never give up.

Kimberly is not a statistic and neither are you! She earned her BA & MA; she is also writing her memoir, to be published during spring 2018. As a survivor, Kimberly teaches others to move from hurt to healing.

Are you a survivor? When trauma shakes us at our core and permeates through our lives, we have the option to navigate the pain and progress on our path.  It’s never easy (matter of fact, it is the hardest action step to take), but it’s important to never never give up. You can grow, no matter what barriers or fears sabotage or block you from living your passion and purpose. It is ultimately your decision to hide or face your deepest fears. When you choose to face your fear, you can Step into Your Future! Kimberly C. Rhyan’s memoir and journal will help you open your mind and heart to experience steps towards living your own soul-inspired journey.

As a storyteller and survivor, Kimberly C. Rhyan communicates her powerful story to motivate her audience to step into their future. Kimberly earned her MA in Creative Arts Therapy and has been working in Higher Education for over 15 years. Kimberly creates unique opportunities for individuals and/or groups to purposefully share their stories and articulate a plan to accomplish goals.  As a consultant, she supports her clients; as a storyteller, she inspires others; and as a trainer, she teaches everyone tools to live their soul-inspired stories.

Coming Soon in 2019…..

Hope Through Resiliency, A Soul-Inspired Memoir by Kimberly C. Rhyan

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