Poetry & Writing

Hope Through Resiliency, A Soul-Inspired Memoir by Kimberly Rhyan

(Coming soon!)

Forgiveness: Becoming Whole & Holistically Loving (2013/2014)

In 2010, I reconnected with my biological mother after being estranged for ten years. I was a new mother and I introduced her to her grandson. In 2013, we had made slow progress when she was diagnosed with brain cancer. I’ve decided to share my journey of forgiveness through self-reflection, in hope that my story can impact someone else who is struggling to overcome pain, ache, abandonment, etc.; ultimately I aspire to inspire everyone to love holistically (one’s self and others).

H O P E: An Awakening & Intervention of Grace (2010/2011)

HOPE is a collection of poems that poured out of my heart over the course of my pregnancy and post-birth experience. On November 18, 2010, the world welcomed my son. Truly, during this amazing time in my life, I understood the delicate complexities of compassion and learned to accept that I couldn’t survive on my own.


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