Workshop Topics:
  • Try and Try Again: Never Give Up on Your Goals: Kimberly focuses on sharing her journey and how she overcome barriers in her life to overcome, proving she wasn’t a statistic of being a former foster youth or single-parent. She will share resiliency practices and how to map your future.
  • Why do you do what you Do? Kimberly shares a sequence of actions to live out a personal revolution towards self-expression and self-evaluation to produce real change over being reduced to constant challenges.
  • Self-Care & Forgiveness: She utilizes her degrees in Creative Arts Therapy and Fine Art to teach others about meditation and reconciliation as a pathway to healing through anxiety, trauma and PTSD.
  • Creativity  & Team-building Boost : Kimberly provides hands-on activities, leading teams to develop creativity to improve job performance and enhancing communication through education, action and reflection.
  • Storytelling with a Purpose: Kimberly focuses on transformation and reaching goals through self-empowerment to improve outcomes while developing unity through team-building and sharing stories.
  •  Building Student Support Systems: Kimberly discusses barriers and addresses programmatic solutions for students to persist and graduate.

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